You Did It Again – Second Straight Month of Membership Growth

The month of June 2022 netted a positive net membership increase of nearly 200 members making it the second straight month for Shrine growth!

Following multiple years of lockdowns and social disruptions, there is an overwhelming desire across the world to have fun, fellowship, and philanthropy, all of which the Shrine is uniquely positioned to fulfill.  Simply said, the Shrine, through its mission is more relevant now than ever before.

The temple, club, and unit leaders that are successfully filling this societal need have consistently focused on membership as their main priority.  Following the Fraternity’s growth in May and June, several Potentates and Recorders were contacted to determine how they succeeded.  They reported success in their membership growth as an unwavering focus on:

  • Simplifying and expediting the membership application process by directing prospective Nobles to to join their temple
  • Creating a temple membership team that prioritizes the follow-up and conversion of ePetitions
  • Conducting ceremonials more frequently to avoid causing delays in creating Nobles
  • Motivating new members to create new activities/events through mentoring
  • Encouraging Divan members and club/unit officers to participate in Shriners International Educational Foundation (SIEF) virtual events to sharpen their operational skills

For 43 years, we have lost members, yet before us is an undeniable, clear, and proven path to fraternal success.  A continued and consistent focus and energy into these areas can and will produce a July that can net the same amazing results.

Again congratulations – let’s make it three straight months!


John C. Piland, JD, CAE
Executive Vice President/COO
Shriners International