MARCH 13, 2020

This Shrine family has a daughter who receives treatment at the Shriners Hospital for Children – Canada.

She and her family wanted to meet and personally thank Child Services Society Administrator, Sheila Lundell in person for making their transportation to Montréal.

The Gizeh office staff were so excited a Shriner Family was coming to visit they organized a tea party for her. The office boardroom was decorated for a spring tea party, along with Gerbera flowers, hand-made paper flowers, butterflies,  cupcakes, cookies, fruit, beverages, fancy tea cups, a warm welcoming banner – a tea party fit for a princess!

The entire Shrine family all came to visit and were joined by Potentate Ill. Sir Wally Lee, Oriental Guide Ron Erickson and office staff: Child Services Society Administrator Sheila Lundell; Accountant, Katrina Felbur and Dixie Pukanich (taking the photos!). The Potentate and Oriental Guide gave a brief history of the Shriners and explained the Shriners mission of work for children.

Sheila, Katrina and Dixie signed and presented her with the book: Boxes and Bows and Wiggling Toes. Her mom read the book as her brother listened in.

Boxes and Bows and Wiggling Toes by Cindy Lou, a Canadian author and educator of positive thinking, illustrated by Jacqueline Leyenhorst was chosen by Gizeh to inspire and empower people of all ages to live their dreams and inspire the young at heart.

Sheila will be heading up a new initiative for CSS by sending this book to all Shrine children 8 years and under on their birthday.

Shrine Mom’s message to Sheila:

“It was really a great time. Thank you so much for every single detail you prepared very well for it. My thanks to the whole team and especially you.”

Closing Remarks from Noble Darren Chruikshanks, Child Services Society Chairman:

I would like to thank you personally for taking the time and effort to make our Shrine patient and her family’s visit to the Gizeh Temple such a great experience! It’s because of the attention to details like this that our organization continues to shine for the people of BC & Yukon. You ladies really are the backbone of our Temple and I appreciate everything you do!