Victoria Clown Unit

“All the world loves a clown.” -COLE PORTER

Langford Loci and Caboose Tour, Saturday, June 5, 2021

Abig thank you to the Victoria Clown Unit members and their Ladies who were actively involved with the Langford and Caboose Tour. The weather was good, and we all had a good time. A Facebook comment was received from Noble Vance Smith after the tour through Belmont Park in Colwood, and it said:

“Thanks so much for passing throughout Belmont park Military housing today.. I have an 8-year-old son with special needs it light up his face to see your clown train drive by our house…”

This is what makes our involvement with the community well worth the effort we put in!!! Love it!! Let’s continue to support the communities as much as possible!

Members & Ladies:

  • Noble Scott Houston (Clown Head)  – Driver of the Loci
  • Noble Robert Parker (Clinkers) – Shotgun
  • Lady Tracey Houston – Passenger
  • Noble Jeanno Boivin (Jeanno) – Navigator in front of the Loci
  • Lady Shannon Boivin – Driver in front of the Loci
  • Noble Bruce
  • Corenblum (Cousin Abner) – Helped out at the Loci shed
  • Noble John Bruzas (Clicky) – Rode the motorcycle behind the Loci
  • Noble Robert Whitwell (Zoomy) – Rode the motorcycle behind the Loci

Submitted by:
Noble Jeanno Boivin,
Secretary, Victoria Clown Unit