Vancouver Island RV Club #52

Seal Bay RV Park & Campground, Comox Valley, July 2021

The Vancouver Island RV Shrine Club #52 members met up in Comox at the Seal Bay RV Park and Campground. in July.  They camped in this 20 acre peaceful park setting in the group site area circulating a  large fire pit in the middle.  Members enjoyed the many amenities it had to offer such as the nearby beach, trail into Seal Bay Nature Park and the large 2500 sq. ft. picnic pavilion with many picnic tables and a wood burning British style Inglenook Fireplace for them to gather. 

The camp out was well attended and included nature walks and a karaoke night complete with rain.  The karaoke starred Lady Michelle and Noble Bill and was witnessed by many campers from around the park.  The nature walk at Mt. Washington was followed by lunch on the patio at the lodge and a zip line adventure by  five of us; Ill. Sir Harold, Lady Michelle, Noble Steve, Lady Tracey ( a first for the Poole couple!) and myself.  What an experience!  In fine Shrine tradition, we did not miss a Happy Hour.


Noble Mark Donaldson,

Wagonmaster of  Vancouver Island RV Shrine Club #52

The Lovely Ladies in the Front Row (L-R):

Lady Ann Nelson, Lady Barbara Christofferson, Lady Rosemary Gibson, Lady Dodie Skaife, Lady Tracey Poole, Lady Michelle Wallace, Queen Maureen Marsh, Lady Carole Daem, Lady Karen Lewis, Lady Rachel Soer and Lady Kathy Donaldson.

Ill. Sirs and Nobles in the Back Row (L-R):

Noble Bill Nelson, Noble Ken Christofferson, Noble Jack Gibson, Noble Tom Earl, Noble Steve Poole, Ill. Sir Harold Wallace, Ill. Sir Darwin Marsh, Wayne Wheeler, Noble Neil Lewis, Noble Morris Soer and Noble Mark Donaldson.