Campbell River Go Kart Unit

Practice Run, August 1, 2021

The Go Kart Unit of Campbell River held a practice on August 1st to run up our equipment and get drivers back in form.  We will be participating in our first parade since the 2019 season in Campbell River on August 7th.

We had the pleasure of meeting our Shrine Kid Kelsey and her family from Victoria.  They were thrilled to be part of the action and have pictures with the Nobles.  Kelsey had a “ride” in a kart and was all smiles.

Salmon Festival, August 7, 2021

We had a good turn out of Shriners, but unfortunately, we had some bad luck with our karts.  The year off has been hard on the karts.  We had six in the parade at the start and lost one to mechanical problems part way through.  We did have a good time in the light rain.  The streets became slick and dangerous for us, but all went well.  Within a few minutes of putting our equipment away, the sky opened up to a cloud burst not seen in Campbell River in many years. Timing is everything.

Yours in the Cause,
Noble Mark Donaldson

Shrine Child Kelsey & Family with Gizeh Nobles.

Back Row, L-R: Noble Gerry Swanson, Noble Bill Rogers, Noble Dave Storrie, Noble Dave Wardell, Noble Larry Cagna and Noble Mark Donaldson.